Milk cooling system for dairy farm

Milk cooling system for dairy farm 

The system consists of milk collection module, refrigeration unit module, water chiller module and control module.


1.No need to add antifreeze in the water,and the evaporator has no risk of bursting.

2.Modular design,compact structure,easy installation and maintenance

3.PLC control,user can one-button to start and the degree of automation is high.

4.Through computer and phone to real time monitoring ,which is very convenient for users to know the milk temperature and equipment running situation.

5.The compressor and water pump have spare.During the milking process,any compressor unit fails,the remaining units can cool the milk to below 4℃,which does not affect the normal milking,have enough time for maintainance.

Milk collection heat exchange module

Milk collection module is composed of balanced milk collection function, heat exchange function, and CIP cleaning function.

Function summary:

The balanced milk collection function is a fully automatic frequency conversion milk collection. There are two-stage heat exchange, the first stage use well water for pre-cooling, and the second stage use ice water for deep cooling. CIP cleaning is fully automated, mainly for cleaning balance cylinders, milk pumps, plate heat exchangers and pipeline valves.


Frequency conversion milk to reduce bacterial reproduction

Two-stage heat exchange, reduce energy consumption, and greatly reduce the cost

Efficient and easy for cleaning

Modular combination, simply and clean on site

Water chiller module

You can choose falling film chiller or ice bank. Ice bank apply for small and medium dairy farm a group of 500 to 2500 cows .Falling film apply for large dairy farm a group more than 2500 cows. Depending upon your requests, our engineers give optimal solutions for you.

Ensure cooling effect is achieved and the energy consumption is minimized.

Control module

The control module is composed of a refrigeration unit control system and a milk collection heat exchange control system.

Function summary:

The refrigeration unit control system has fully automatic control functions, remote real-time monitoring functions, various protection functions, and touch screen display functions.


One-button start, easy to operate

Various protection functions are complete

The compressor is automatically loaded and unloaded, which is energy efficient

The customer can monitor the running status of the equipment in real time

Through remote control can solve equipment failure problems in the first time

With touch screen, the display is intuitive and clear

Control system of milk collection module:

This system has fully automatic frequency conversion milk collection control function, fully automatic CIP cleaning control function, remote real-time monitoring function, monitoring and recording milk temperature function.


Fully automatic frequency conversion milk collection, fully guarantee the milk quick cooling.

Fully automatic CIP cleaning, convenient and efficient

The customer can monitor the milk temperature in real time

Remote control can solve equipment failure problems in the first time

Customers can check out the historical milk temperature curve at any time

Refrigeration unit module

This module generally adopts the air-cooled integral unit .Units generally choose use 2 and 1 for spare or use 3 and 1 for spare. In the process of milking, any of a compressor unit fails, the remaining units can down the milk below 4 ℃, not affect the normal milk. Have enough time to repair the unit.