• Plate ice machines are made for commercial and industrial application.
  • Plate ice is an irregular ice, the size from 40×40mm to 80×80mm,ice thickness is 10mm to 15mm,max thickness is 25mm,through ice making time adjust the thickness of plate ice.
  • It also doesn’t melt easily and therefore can be stored for a longer time.


Model Production capacity Refrigerant Power consumption(kW/hr) Approx Dimension Operation weight
SF-01 1T/24h R22/R404A 6.8kw 1650x1200x1700 950kg
SF-03 3T/24h R22/R404A 14.5kw 2200x1500x1700 1250kg
SF-05 5T/24h R22/R404A 25.5kw 2200x2000x1800 1550kg
SF-10 10T/24h R22/R404A 39kw 2200x1900x2200 3300kg
SF-16 16T/24h R22/R404A 57kw 2200x2100x2200 6300kg
SF-20 20T/24h R22/R404A 84kw Negotitated /
SF-24 24T/24h R22/R404A 101kw Negotitated /
SF-30 30T/24h R22/R404A 123kw Negotitated /
Capacity 1T / 3T / 5T / 10T / 16T / 20T / 24T / 30T / 40T