• Snowforest flake ice machine are made for commercial and industrial application.
  • Commercial flake ice machines capacity is from 0.5T/day to 2.5T/day.
  • Industrial flake ice machines from 3T/day to 20T/day depends upon your application.


Model Production capacity Power Approx unit Dimension Approx ice tank Dimension Weight
SF035 350kg/24h 2.4kw 1142x740x760 1050x970x900 170
SF05 500kg/24h 2.4kw 1225x740x760 1135x1030x1050 190
SF10 1000kg/24h 4.0kw 1225x740x920 1135x1030x1050 200
SF12 1200kg/24h 4.8kw 1410x870x920 1135x1030x1050 300
SF15 1500kg/24h 6.2kw 1410x870x1005 1320x980x1200 320
SF20 2000kg/24h 7.7kw 1410x870x1065 1510x1100x1300 400
SF25 2500kg/24h 8.8kw 1610x1100x1305 1510x1100x1300 500
Commercial flake ice machines;
Capacity 0.35T/ 0.5T / 1.0T / 1.2T / 1.5T / 2.0T / 2.5T;
Mainly used in the food industry, supermarket and hotels. Widely used in meat processing, bakery making, fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping and so on. We have made sure that all of our equipment meets the strictest food safety requirements

Model Production capacity Power Approx unit Dimension Approx ice tank Dimension Weight
SF30 3T/24h 11.2kw 1510x1100x1280 1800x1500x2000 585
SF50 5T/24h 18.5kw 2240x1600x1520 Negotitated 1070
SF80 8T/24h 31.5kw 2700x2020x1520 1890
SF100 10T/24h 38.2kw 2720x1882x1620 1970
SF120 12T/24h 38.2kw 2720x1880x1760 2030
SF150 15T/24h 49.2kw 4440x2230x1940 2650
SF200 20T/24h 60.9kw 4440x2200x2260 3210
Industrial flake ice machines;
Capacity3T/ 5T/ 8T/ 10T /12T/ 15T/ 20T;
Apply for the processing of aquatic products and seafood, concrete mixing, chemical plants , mine cooling and engineering construction. Excellent refrigeration, low power, environmentally friendly and easy to operate.

Operating Principle

Water is pumped to the water-distributing tray from the water tank. Under the driving of the reducer, the water in the tray flows evenly to the inner wall of the ice bucket, through the circulation of the refrigerant cooled the water below the freezing point to form an ice layer. The ice knife under the driving of the reducer, scraped the ice off from inner wall of ice bucket, formed flake ice. Which falls in the ice storage cabinet. The water that has not formed into flakes ice flows into the water tray again, and then flows back to the water tank to continue the circulation, to achieve a continuous ice making.