Type Motor(HP) Nominal cooling capacity Operating power(kW) Operating power(kw) Dimension L×W×H(mm)
IWVF20 20 39.7 18.4 1.5 2800×1200×2000
IWVF30 30 57.4 28.2 1.5
IWVF40 40 79.4 36.8 3.2 3800×1600×2000
IWVF60 60 114.8 56.4 4.8
IWVF90 90 229.6 84.6 7.2 2400×2100×21(single set, total 2 sets)
IWVF120 120 229.6 112.8 9.6 3600×2100×2100(single set, total 2 sets)
The above units generally adopt air-cooled integral units;
The above cooling capacity is a parameter at compressor evaporation temperature of -5℃ and condensation temperature of 50℃;

Refrigeration unit module

The refrigeration unit matched with the ice water machine adopts the air-cooled integrated unit module, which integrates the refrigeration components such as compressor, condenser, liquid storage device and the oil separator in the same frame. It has compact structure, reasonable design, high degree of integrate.


Frame combination, strong corrosion resistance

Theintegrated unit design is compact and the structural parts are throughelectrostatic phosphatizing spray by automatic spraying equipment, which hasstrong corrosion resistance. The unit frame is carefully designed, thestructure is simple and exquisite, and the operation space is large.

Save spaceand investment cost

The unitmodule can be directly installed on the roof or outdoor space, saving indoorspace and civil construction costs and greatly reducing engineering investment.

Stable quality, reliable performance

Thecompressors use international famous brands such as Copeland, Bitzer andHanBel. The main components, such as expansion valves, solenoid valves,pressure controllers, etc., choose Danfoss, EMERSON and other famous Europeanand American brands, with stable quality and reliable performance.

Excellent system, energy efficient

The controlof the refrigeration unit adopts industrial-grade programmable controller(PLC), which is input into the company's optimized program to ensure that theunit can automatically load, unload and turn on/off the machine according tothe load change.so that the unit's running capacity and actual load arematched, and the unit's operating efficiency is improved, reduce powerconsumption. For multi-compressor refrigeration systems, the compressor canautomatically alternate according to load changes, thereby balancing theoperating hours of each compressor and extending the service life of thecompressor.